work14.docx – Assignment:

Research Essay Checklist

___ 1200 WORDS MINIMUM (not including header, Works Cited page)

___ FORMAT – double-spaced, 12pt font, 1” margins (no extra spaces between paragraphs)

___ HEADER – name, assignment, title of essay

___ TITLE – be creative!

___ INTRODUCTION (see “Research Essay Structure” on Blackboard for a guide)

___ SUMMARY/CONTEXT – concisely summarizes the literary text you’re analyzing

___ 3 SCHOLARLY SOURCES – must be from a peer-reviewed journal or scholarly book

___ CLOSE READING – essay analyzes specific passages from literary text to develop argument

___ ARGUMENT – makes clear and compelling argument about literary text

___ CONCLUSION – establishes stakes of argument

___ WORKS CITED PAGE – MLA format, must include 3 scholarly sources and literary text, should also include any other sources used

___ SPELLING/GRAMMAR – proofread your essay; DO NOT rely on spellcheck and Grammarly alone

___ SUBMISSION – essay is submitted to Blackboard by the due date (Dec 21st); submission is uploaded as Word document or PDF
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