Time Value of Money Application

Time Value of Money Application
Case Application
Richard e-mailed me that he and Monica differed about the impact of his extra spending over the past 15 years. He calculated it at about $3,000 a year. He said the total cost of $45,000 was well within his capability to make up. Monica said the cost was much higher and asked that they compute it. They had been offered an investment of $20,000 that would pay $70,000 in 20 years. They want to know if they should take it. Finally, Richard could sign up for an annuity at work. It would cost $100,000 at age 65 and provide payments of $8,000 per year over his expected 17-year life span. He wants to know if it is attractive. The appropriate market rate of return on investments is 7 percent after tax.Case Application Questions
1. Calculate what the $3,000-per-year deficit, had it been invested, would have amounted to at the end of the 15-year period.
2. Explain to Richard what compounding is and how it affected the cumulative amount received in question 1.
3. Calculate the return on the proposed $20,000 investment and indicate the factors entering into your recommendation to accept or reject it.
4. Indicate the expected return on the annuity and whether it should be accepted or rejected.
5. Explain the time value of money for the financial plan using your answers to questions 1 through 4 in this part of the financial plan to help you communicate the time value information to Richard and Monica.Expectations

Homework for this course consists of Case Applications related to the topics covered during the week. You have to read the case background and analyze the financial issues by answering case application questions assigned.
You should demonstrate the ability to apply personal finance concepts, vocabulary, and models to analyze financial situations, synthesize the week’s course material, and relate it to the case.
Case analysis should be substantive and insightful. You should use assigned readings to support case analysis and use proper MLA in-text citations and works cited formatting where applicable.
You will upload the assignment in D2L Dropbox.
When you place a paper in the Dropbox, it is automatically submitted to Turnitin.com, an online source that checks for plagiarism. Turnitin.com will review your paper and assign a similarity score as a percent based on other works to which they have access.

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