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Operational Excellence and Innovation
Subject: Level 9 – Operational Excellence and the Science of InnovationAssignment Title Operational Excellence Part 2 – Revise the principles, tools and techniques of Lean and Six Sigma to be more appropriate and relevant to today’s business climate.
1. You are required to select two aspects of the concepts associated with Lean, Six Sigma, CAPA, or Design for Six Sigma and develop a revised version of that concept to reflect today’s business and life science environment. Aspects can include, the lean principles, lean wastes, value and non-value, any of the lean tools, six sigma principles, any of the six sigma tools or techniques, the concept of CAPA, the concept or tools associated with Design for Six Sigma.2. Describe the revisions of the concept/tool and outline how this revision is more appropriate for today’s environment.
3. Provide an example to demonstrate how the new tool/concept could be used.
4. Video – Develop a 5 minute video summarising your research methodology; reference sources used and the key findings for each section. The video should be a voiceover on a screen recording. This could be done in PowerPoint or any form of screen recording software (Screencast-o-matic). Same the video as an mp4 file.
5. References – Provide a reference section outlining your sources. Select the top 8 references that you used and upload the complete reference articles onto Moodle as part of your
Submission – Use Griffith Harvard referencing

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