We can help you with all your academic needs. We offer 100% Satisfaction & Money back Guarantee 

Read the below instructions carefully


A Detailed Description Of The Order Process At Homework GEEKS. Please Read The Instructions Below Carefully

Prices : 

We do not charge any monthly fees. Prices based on the performed service. Price vary and based on the service that fits your needs, and among other factors, such as the number of words / slides needed, deadline and whether the work requires any calculations.

To know the cost of the service, please go to the order page.  then select the service you need help with, and appropriate options for each service. 

Placing an order 

At Homework GEEKS We can help you with all of your academic needs. We offer a quick delivery, high quality work & and your order is backed with 100% Satisfaction & Money back guarantee. Here is how the process work. 

1: Go to the order page. Then scroll down to “Homework Nerds Services” section.

2: Select the service that fits your needs by clicking on the “Select Options” button. 

3: Once the service page open, choose the appropriate options for the assignment . i.e Number of words, deadline, and whether the assignment require calculations.  For example:

** “If you need help with an essay, research paper, or report, click on “Original essays”, then select the number of words/pages needed. Also select whether your essay requires calculation, then select the deadline. 

** “If you need help with a presentation, click on “Original power point”, then select the number of slides needed, select whether your presentation requires calculation, then select the deadline. 

4: Once you selected the service, and appropriate options, click add to cart then Proceed to checkout.

5: Enter ALL relevant information required in the checkout page, process the payment, then and click “place order”.

6: Once your payment is made, and the order is processed,  send the complete assignment instructions, along with  any related materials in a word file to

7: Once the above steps are completed, We will take it from there. we will review the information, contact you if we have any question, and we will start working on your order. Our writing will be 100% original from scratch and according to the info you provided.

8: Once we finish writing your assignment ,  we will send you the completed work to the email you provided & and we will send you a text message notification that your order is complete

That’s all – Now you can enjoy your life, and let us take care  of all your academic needs. 

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