Answerthefollowingquestions.docx – Assignment:

Answer the following questions: 1. Critically analyze the example of Evidence Base and offer your opinion in relation to nursing intervention (research article safety in medication administration: research on nursing practice and circumstances of errors, Scielo online magazine ISSN 1695-6141) Please make your opinion in 2 pages of writing. 2. Mention the importance of nursing …

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480SCHOLARLYPAPERtopicsandguidelines20232.docx – Assignment:

CWWSON NURS480 informatics scholarly paper 50% of Final Grade. Purpose: To write a scholarly paper on an informatics topic. Student Learning Outcomes: Achievement of assignment outcomes allow for achievement of course learning outcomes: GCC: 1.Students will demonstrate context appropriate written, oral, and non-verbal communication skills. 3.Students will retrieve, analyze, synthesize information and solve problems using …

480SCHOLARLYPAPERtopicsandguidelines20232.docx – Assignment: Read More »

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